Juan Carlos Recinos reborns as a writer this December after a long break in writing his career. Check him out at SonicerJ.com

I also have a dream

"I have a dream” said Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and so do I, to become a savvy publishing expert and a professional writer in an era of digital publishing and media convergence. To accomplish this dream is a challenge, but I will use my writing and teaching skills to engage in innovative projects, and I will continue to use my energy and enthusiasm to transform any idea.

How did you start writing?

I remember reading from great writers and poets in high school. They inspired and motivated me to write my own creative work. I wrote my first poems and shared them with my teachers. Their positive feedbacks helped me develop an interest for writing and to make an impact on young individual's lives. My passion for writing kept growing, enabling me to write four books of poetry, a short story book, magazine and newspaper articles, as well as the beginning of a life changing novel.

How have you prepared yourself?

To enhance my writing and publishing skills, I have attended and participated in many poetry readings, as well as in professional presentations. Along with this experience, my studies at York College and my experience as a teacher exposed me to a great variety of literature and writers. My research and critical analysis skills have enabled me to distinguish incredible writers and books, which now allows me to have my own voice.

What skills do you have to accomplish this dream?

I can say that I consider myself persistent, persuasive, outspoken but tactful, focused, organized decisive and confident. I have good professional, leadership, writing, and listening skills. I like to listen to people’s inquiries and take action.

 Finally, I acknowledge that the publishing industry, like any other entertainment industry, is in a time of technology drastic change. However, the skills I have developed throughout the years will help me achieve my career goals. 

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