The Land of Opportunities

The United States is a land of opportunities. With this thought, my mother decided to bring me to this land. I was eleven when I crossed the border with my older brother. "Esta es tu herencia", (this is your inheritance) my mother told me, "haz lo que puedas" (do what you can). At the moment, I didn't think of the valuable gift that she gave me since by "herencia" I understood that it was something more tangible like money or a house. Yet, after seeing her work hard and for long hours as a housekeeper, I began to reflect on the opportunity that she offered me.

There is no doubt, every parent wants the best for their child. To be educated and to live a healthy life was my mother's priority. She lost her parents when she was thirteen in El Salvador's civil war of the 1980's. She was left alone with her sisters. Survival was their priority. Despite the loss of her parents and unable to be educated, she took wise decisions. One of them was to give me birth when my biological father did not want me alive. So, the least I could do was to be a good son and take every opportunity given to me. Through her, I have learned key values that made me the successful person I am today. Thanks to her, I am a student, an educator, an entrepreneur.

Life overall hasn't been easy, yet, I believe it has been a journey that could inspire masses of people. I am honest with myself and I do believe in the message and power of my words. I can talk about many topics related to education, leadership, and success. My own life and academic experience is the inspiration itself. To say the least, I am the only person in the family to graduate from high school, college and to obtain a master's degree. I obtained my degrees without debt, which allowed me to pursue my passion as a teacher and as a writer. As a teacher, I do not only teach Spanish to my 7th-grade students but about citizenship, leadership and success. As a writer, I do not only want to empower people to succeed in life but also to open doors to those who want to do the same by publishing their work through my website

I have learned that through giving one receives. I was given the opportunity to start a new life in the United States. I made this opportunity my own responsibility. It was up to me to make this opportunity a reality. I decided to be educated and to excel in life to support my mom and live a stable, decent, and healthy life. I have it in me, I have so much love and knowledge to give. That's why I decided to be a teacher, so I can transform my student's life through love and knowledge. This way, I could make a positive change in the world. My students are young and have heard my life lessons. It is time to expand these life lessons to other people. For this reason, I am planning to continue my journey as a writer, while you are my witness, here at

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