SonicerJ: Connecting the Dots, an Inspirational Story

Connecting the Dots

Steve Jobs once gave a speech about connecting the dots. I can echo him today with my own story.

I believe that everything and everyone in life has a purpose. Things do not happen by coincidence, even though at times you might feel lucky, fortunate or blessed. For example, I would not be here if my mother would not decide to give birth to me. Yes, it is true, my father did not want me to exist. And yet, I am here today. But, it hasn't been easy. I had many battles to fight, like many of you did, too. For example, I have gone through two surgeries, which almost took my life. One was natural and the second one was due to an assault. As for the last one, I was coming out of college at around 6pm when a group of teenagers wanted to show that they were tough enough to belong in a gang. I didn't know them and never did, but I forgave them. That small action of kindness gave me hope and strength to continue my education, to defeat ignorance, and to inspire leadership and success.

Once I thought that I knew my purpose in life. That purpose was to make a positive impact in people's lives. The question was: How am I going to do that? So, I became a teacher to test it out. I believe I can change at least one student's life. I say this because, as a teacher, I rarely get to know the impact of each of positive my actions. Most of the times, teachers get a different picture of their role in society. For this reason, I had to look deeper into each of my students to really see the harvest of my input. The results are great, but as a reflective practitioner, I connected the dots and decided to explore other fields to get my word out.

I feel proud of myself and I am happy where I am in life today. I feel successful and accomplished. Although my success is due to my discipline, determination, and the will to get educated, it is important to mention those in whose shoulders I stood and helped me keep going: my family, friends, teachers, professors, advisors, mentors, students, and most importantly, the superior in which I believe in.

People say that the sky is the limit. They are wrong. There is a whole universe up there... The limit, to me, is death. So while you are alive, continue to do your very best and perform optimally in any field your feet walks in. There are no limits to what you can possibly do to change someone's life. And that's all you need to transform the world. That's why I became a teacher, to transform my student's lives and to open up many possibilities for them while they learn a new language. A new language will allow them to see the world with different eyes and perspectives. I want them to be great leaders and citizens of this world... Because I simply do not teach Spanish, I also teach leadership, success, and personal growth through my actions.

Let me tell you something: I am the person I want to be because, in order to see change, I am what I want to see. You should, too. Many people fail themselves by living a life they do not want to live or being someone their parents want them to be. By being oneself, loving oneself, and pushing oneself, everything else is just beautiful. You cannot love another person if you do not love yourself. It is hard to admit, but the last person we think about, it is ourself. It is hard, but possible. If you really want it, go for it. Just know that nothing good comes easy and that if there is no pain, there is no gain. You have to work hard to achieve what you want in life. Also, you need to work smart, be a team player, be willing to fail, fall and raise up again and again until you get it right.

Just look around you, do you notice anything different? Remember, everyone is fighting their own battles and we are no one to judge. Let our diversity unite us to make a better world. We are alive today. Let's connect and use our knowledge and skills to transform the world in which we live. When you go to an event, exchange business card, phone number, email, social media, anything but please connect. Each of us is big dot in the universe and together we can make a stronger and a better world. So, keep connecting the dots.

May your success bring positive change into this world.

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